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Hardwood Flooring

Flooring is an integral element of a building and creates the mood for each room.

Solid Hardwood Flooring adds warmth, strength and character to your home's interior with aesthetic appeal that can't be matched by tiles or carpet. Wether building your home or commercial property or undertaking a renovation project, there is nothing that compares to a beautiful polished timber floor.

It can be more expensive than tiles and carpet but Solid Hardwood Flooring holds up well, even in areas of high traffic, but will add instant value to your building.

Solid Hardwood Flooring should last a lifetime if cared for properly.

We can advise on the different characteristics of each species to ensure you get the right type of Tongue and Groove flooring to suit your project. If you know the area dimensions, we can also help you with the correct quantity for your project.

Hardwood Flooring


We stock a variety of species for Tongue & Groove Flooring including Australian and imported Hardwoods.

Some of the species of Hardwood Flooring we stock include:

Species Characteristics *Properties
Spotted Gum
Australian Hardwood

Light to Medium Brown Intricate grains Hardness: Very Hard
Janka Rating: 11
Australian Hardwood
Grey (Grey Ironbark) or Red (Red Ironbark) Hardness: Very Hard
Janka Rating: 14
(Northern NSW) Australian Hardwood
Blonde to Light Brown Hardness: Hard
Janka Rating: 9.1


Hardness: Soft - Moderate - Hard - Very Hard

Janka Rating: The Janka hardness test is a standardised test used to measure the relative hardness of timbers. Specifically, the Janka test measures the amount of force that is necessary to embed a dent half the diameter of an 11.28mm diameter steel ball into a piece of timber. The higher the number the harder the timber is.

Variations in Timber

Timber is a spectacular and versatile natural material. It yields a vast degree of variety in colour, texture and naturally occurring feature. This diversity can be apparent even between pieces selected from batches of the same species. Sanding and finishing can also effect variation in colour and may even highlight subsurface feature.

We recommend that care be taken when making a preference selection based on a single sample piece or a small area sample. In all cases, timber flooring supplied will deviate in appearance between jobs and display samples. However, it is this deviation that makes every timber floor absolutely unique.

Timber flooring, whilst seasoned and kiln dried, will continue to take up and lose moisture throughout its life depending on weather, building aspect and local climate conditions. These fluctuations in moisture levels will create some movement and changes to the surface of your floor can be expected. This is normal and may include fine surface checking, gaps between boards and changes in colour over time.


Hardwood Flooring is not graded for colour variation or grain patterns as they form part of the natural beauty of timber flooring.

Select Grade AS 2796

Select Grade is a subtle feature grade of timber flooring which provides a limited variation in natural characteristics. The features that are present are relatively small and few in number. Irrespective of the species although visible do not dominate the appearance of the floor. It has been carefully graded, floorboard by floorboard to ensure that it meets strict quality standards. It has a sleek uniform look that is well suited to modern, minimalist and traditional styles. This will have the least number of natural features such as pin holes and gum veins.

Standard Grade AS 2796

This grade contains boards that may be moderately featured. Where gum veins are more prevalent in a species, considerably more character is provided to the floor and may look quite dominant in light coloured species. Species in this grade with less gum vein may appear more lightly featured due to smaller features being prevalent such as those from previous borer activity. Standard Grade is distinguished by highlighting selective gum veins, spirals, burls, insect trails and other natural variations that give timber floors a unique character as individual as a signature. This grade is a visual chronicle of forest history including bush fires, floods, drought, insect travels and the natural variations that appear in the grain of Australian native hardwoods. Standard grade is carefully graded to include the most interesting variations and distinctive timber marking to enhance the looks of a timber with a moderate amount of natural features.

Feature Grade AS2796

Feature Grade features a high level of natural characteristics. In many respects this grade can look similar to Standard Grade but with the features a little more frequent and dominant. This grade offers a unique rustic aged appearance with extenuated natural features including gum vein, knots, face checking and insect travels.

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