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Hardwood Decking

Hardwood Decking provides a way to enhance any home, garden, commercial or retail property and can be added to any kind of flat, sloping, wet or even a waterside area.

Hardwood Decking is the ideal way to extend the natural flow of your home outdoors and provides additional living space for dining, entertaining and simply relaxing with family and friends.

Hardwood Decking is also excellent for pool surrounds and as an alternative to concrete and paving materials.

Hardwood Decking

With the natural beauty of timber a decking area can provide aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your home. Hardwood Decking provides incredibly good value when weighed against the potential increase to property value.

When considering a hardwood deck you should think about it in conjunction with the design and structure of the house, taking into account the external surroundings as the colours and textures are an integral part of designing your decking area.

We can advise on the different characteristics of each species to ensure you get the right type to suit the decking area you want to create. If you know the area dimensions, we can also help you with the correct quantity for your project.


We stock a variety of species for decking including Australian and imported Hardwoods. Some of the species of Hardwood Decking we stock include:

Species Characteristics *Properties
Spotted Gum
Australian Hardwood

Light to Medium Brown Intricate grains Hardness: Very Hard (Janka Rating: 11)
Termite Resistance: Resistant - 2
Durability ground contact: Class 2
Australian Hardwood
Dark Brown or Dark Red (Red Ironbark) Pale to Dark Brown with some Red
(Grey Ironbark)
Hardness: Very Hard (Janka Rating: 14)
Termite Resistance: Resistant - 2
Durability ground contact: 1
(Northern NSW) Australian Hardwood
Blonde to Light Brown Hardness: Hard (Janka Rating: 9.1)
Termite Resistance: Resistant - 3
Durability ground contact: Class 2
Imported Species
Dark Reddish Brown to Dark Brown Hardness: Hard (Janka Rating: 8.6)
Termite Resistance: Resistant - 2
Durability ground contact: Class 2
Imported Species
Richly coloured & can vary from Golden Brown to Red Brown and Deep Blood Red. Ages to a beautiful silver colour. Hardness: Hard (Janka Rating: 5)
Termite Resistance: Resistant - 1
Durability ground contact: 1
Pacific Teak
Imported Species
Blonde in Colour Hardness: Hard (Janka Rating: 6)
Termite Resistance: Resistant - 3
Durability ground contact: 2


Hardness: Soft - Moderate - Hard - Very Hard

Janka Rating: The Janka hardness test is a standardised test used to measure the relative hardness of timbers. Specifically, the Janka test measures the amount of force that is necessary to embed a dent half the diameter of an 11.28mm diameter steel ball into a piece of timber. The higher the number the harder the timber is.

(Natural) Durability: Describes the timber's resistance to attack by wood destroying fungi and insects. The sapwood of all timber species has poor resistance and so the natural durability rating applies only to the heartwood of a timber species. Classes are 1 to 4 with the lower the number the higher the performance in terms of durability.


The majority of our Hardwood Decking is supplied in a Select Grade. This means there are no natural features such as gum veins and knots and this will give you a contemporary clean look and feel.

Sizes and Lengths

Decking is available in a variety of sizes (width and thickness) and can include:

  • 67mm x 19mm
  • 86mm x 19mm
  • 90mm x 19mm
  • 135mm x 22mm
  • 140mm x 25mm
  • 140mm x 32mm

Sizes vary with species and our stock changes regularly so please contact us with your enquiry and we'll find a species and size that's right for you.

Lengths are random and range from 1.8m up to 6.0m

Care and Maintenance

When hardwood decking is exposed to the elements it will naturally turn a soft silver-grey. To preserve the colour of the timber species and improve the life of the deck, apply a decking finish to the exposed surfaces. Reapply according to the manufacturer's instructions.

We stock Cutek Oil

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